Physician Edward M. Zimmerman stated the following after the Firm’s successful representation of him in his case:

“. . . Your representation of me and my Nevada Corporation against this exasperating, frivolous law suit has finally concluded in an irrevocable motion for summary judgment in which you prevailed and we were awarded total dismissal of the case despite the plaintiff’s treacherous changing of accusations, facts and representation over the course of the events.  Your thoughtful actions educated me and prevented me from engaging in useless, expensive posturing.  This likely saved significant time and money by eradicating the suit (repeatedly) before it had a chance to die of natural (read “expensive jury trial”) causes.  When I responded emotionally, you responded compassionately and clinically, never softening or sugar coating the truth; but your determination to get to a successful conclusion and support for my cause was always apparent. . . .”  Click here for the letter in its entirety!

Mr. K. Gerhardt states:
My legal affairs have been handled for years by Mr. McMillan. As a technical person and a business man I appreciate the ability of my attorney-at-law to correctly communicate and translate legal content so it becomes understandable to me. From the results I received I know, there were no misunderstandings in communications.  Scott McMillan’s legal services have been effective, timely and complete.  Just as I treat my business, Scott McMillan strictly acted on my behalf in an assertive, cost-conscience, expedient manner with honesty and integrity. I can strongly recommend Scott’s services to anyone who’s serious about their business. — K. Gerhardt, E-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Following their 2003 jury trial victory Paul and Carol Svane had this to say about the Firm’s efforts:
“My wife and I would like to extend to you our heartfelt gratitude for being there for us . . . you were the only Attorney to believe in us and to see merit . . . in our case . . . Because of your legal knowledge, fortitude, and bull-doggedness, you won our case. . . You have always been there for my wife and me; the late nights, and the many weekends. . . . This may sound corny, but you were our last ‘Ditch Effort’ and are our ‘Hero.’” (Verdict for plaintiffs Paul and Carol Svane in breach of oral contract to conduct business as a partnership, breach of fiduciary duty case defended by Peter Dean, a winner of San Diego North County Trial Attorney of the Year award.)—Click here for the letter in its entirety!

Mr. Santo DiGrigoli states:
I would recommend you to any of my friends and family. I have faith in your work and you have always been kind and true.—Click here for the letter in its entirety!

Mr. Kevin Burnett states:
Thanks a lot for being a terrific lawyer and if I have another case I will definitely call on you and nobody else.—Click here for the letter in its entirety!

Mr. O.M.  states:
Toy Industry Executive O.M. describes his fateful decision at 3:00 a.m. that lead to his $962,000 verdict.  Click here for the letter in its entirety!


Each case is different, and the result depends on the facts and law that apply to that case; different facts or law give different results.  California’s Rule of Professional Conduct 1-400 requires us to tell you that the comments above are not a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.