Besides representing clients in disputes, The McMillan Law Firm offers our business clients advice regarding their transactions and business practices before a dispute arises.  As part of our effort to help our clients minimize the injuries inflicted by the almost-inevitable lawsuit, we also offer cost effective incorporation services.

We recognize that consumers have many choices available while selecting a lawyer.  Consumers can measure the desirability of a law firm in a variety of different ways:  the satisfaction of other clients, development of new points of law, and large court awards.  Although The McMillan Law Firm is a relatively new law firm, the combination of the skills and experience of our attorneys have enabled us to let our results speak for us:

Client Satisfaction

See our References! Our present and former clients rave about how we treated them, and our abilities.  They have even written references, and letters of recommendation!

We have found that our clients are most satisfied with our services, regardless of the outcome, when we’ve fully explained the litigation process to them.  Much of the content of this website, particularly our FAQ section, is directed at educating our clients and prospective clients as to what the process holds for them.

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New Points of Law

Words and concepts are the tools of a lawyer.  Every person in The McMillan Law Firm prides himself or herself on the ability to effectively communicate in writing.  Courts recognize our ability to communicate complex concepts by publishing the appellate decisions in the cases we litigate.  Our appellate decisions not only demonstrate our ability to convince a panel of judges that another judge was wrong, but also demonstrate our tenacity and commitment to our clients and the causes we believe in.

Richard Lytwyn v. Fry’s Electronics, Inc., et al., Case No. D042401, Court of Appeal of California, Fourth Appellate District, Diviison One, 2005 Cal. App. LEXIS 267, February 22, 2005, Order granting preliminary injunction reversed with directions.

The United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit ruled that Steve Thomas’s anti-SLAPP motion against retail behemoth Fry’s Electronics, Inc., must be resolved on its merits.  Read the order.

Verdicts and Orders

See what our clients won! Good writing and client happiness are worth little if the lawyers lose all their cases. Whether it be a settlement, a court decision, or a jury verdict, our lawyers are competitive, strive to win, and do win!

$962,000 jury verdict on a claim brought by an employee against his employer for breach of contract, fraud, and violations of California’s wage and hour laws.  Read the judgment

Apex Wholesale Inc. v. Fry’s Electronics, Inc., San Diego Superior Court case GIC 734991:  August 29, 2003, retail behemoth Fry’s Electronics, Inc., held in contempt for advertising violations arising from publishing products sold only in multiple minimum units with a prominent single unit price. (Bus. & Prof. Code section 17504.)  Read the judgment


Each case is different, and the result depends on the facts and law that apply to that case; different facts or law give different results. California's Rule of Professional Conduct 1-400 requires us to tell you that the comments above are not a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.