Real Estate Law

One of the largest, and most important investments that a person will make in a lifetime is the purchase of a home or other real property. Particularly in Southern California now that home prices are so expensive, a dispute over the ownership of your home, or of the land that it is constructed upon can lead to a financial disaster. We are familiar with the law surrounding this type of dispute.

Clearing Title - Removing Clouds

We have successfully represented clients who were parties to incomplete real estate transactions recover money or clear the title to their home of lis pendens.

Resale Home Defects

Besides incomplete transactions, the purchase and sale of a home is a financially risky event if there are defects in the home. A seller is obligated under California law to disclose known defects in their home. We represent both buyers and sellers in non-disclosure litigation.

Neighbor Problems

Another common problem among homeowners is the presence of hostile neighbors. Neighbor disputes can be a very difficult, yet delicate conflict that requires resolution with tact and diplomacy. We have represented clients in obtaining restraining orders against their neighbors, in resolving boundary disputes, and controlling animal noise.

Contractor / Developer Disputes

Contractors, licensed or not, present an entirely different category of real estate problems. Often responding to homeowner dissatisfaction by filing "mechanics liens," contractors have the ability to interfere with the refinancing or sale of a home. We have successfully represented clients who have lost money and had property damage resulting from shoddy contractor workmanship.

We understand the importance of familiarity with your real estate concerns. Whether you are looking to buy a house or looking to sell or if you are having home improvement problems or issues with your neighbors we will be able to provide you with support, guidance and expertise to assist you with finding the solution that is suitable for you. Here are some of the areas of real estate law in which we practice:

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