False Advertising

The McMillan Law Firm believes it is important that advertising concerning products and services should be fair and honest. There are laws that protect consumers against false advertising and The McMillan Law Firm is dedicated to enforcing those laws on behalf of our clients. Advertisements may violate the law if they involve:

  • False Advertising, or
  • Deceptive Pricing

If you feel that you have been misled or deceived by an advertisment, you should contact us

Facts about False Advertising

It is unlawful to create an advertisement that misleads or deceives even if the advertisement does not fool anyone.

Courts can force the company to create a new advertisement that displays corrections from the false advertisement.

Consumers have the right to sue the company that was engaged in the false advertising.

Facts about Deceptive Pricing

Companies that offer an item for a price that is supposedly been lowered from its original sale price that never existed in the first place have broken the law.

It is illegal to buy merchandise and then create a fictional regular price and create a one day sale for the merchandise.

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