Home Improvement

Home improvement can be a big responsibility and in some cases is a necessity in order to retain the value of a home. It is important to be able to realize all of the rules as well as the costs and benefits of doing home improvements. McMillan Law Firm is interested in the following area with regards to home improvement:

Contractor Problems

A contractor's license is generally required for a variety of activities, including maintaining or servicing air conditioning, heating, or refrigeration equipment, installing carpet, or trimming trees larger than fifteen feet high. Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §§ 7026.1(a), 7026.3, 7028(a). Fernandez v. Lawson, 31 Cal. 4th 31 (Cal. 2003).

California's State Contractor's Licensing Board requires that contractors be bonded, and that they carry workers compensation insurance. Thus, an unwitting homeowner who uses an unlicensed contractor may be held liable for workers compensation if that unlicensed contractor is injured at the job-site.

A lis pendens is filed often times as means of bringing the property that is supposed to be purchased into question

A lien can be created by a contractor as a means of creating a form of collateral for what they feel might be an unpaid debt.

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