California Civil Procedure

Decisions and comments discussing aspects of California Civil Procedure, including post judgment orders, statements of decision, appellate practice, pleading, motion practice, deadline computation, and local and court rules.

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Secrecy in Court (1)
Cases and materials related to secrecy agreements, imposing and challenging secrecy orders, and form protective and secrecy orders and agreements.

Statutory Offers to Compromise CCP 998 (0)
Cases and materials discussing the settlement of cases through the service of offers to compromise according to section 998 of the California Code of Civil Procedure

Anti-Slapp motions brought under CCP 425.16 (1)
California's antislapp statute that is set forth under 425.16 is intended to protect the freedom of petition and speech. This statute is a source of much confusion. This section tracks the development of the law.

Pleadings (2)
Decisions involving pleading motions including judgment on the pleadings, demurrers and motions to strike. Concepts such as reconsideration, primary rights, collateral estoppel, res judicata, law of the case, issue preclusion, claim preclusion, special demurrers, general demurrers, affirmative defenses, venue, jurisdiction, standing, and capacity of parties to sue are discussed here.

Post-judgment proceedings (1)
Decisional authority relating to motions for new trial, request for statement of decision, judgment N.O.V., motion to vacate judgment, motion to tax costs, motion to strike costs, motions for attorneys fees.

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