Amazing settlement offers.

Law is a strange business indeed.

I had the privilege of representing a nice fellow by the name of Sean Ryan.  With the noblest of motives, Sean Ryan reported to his superiors a circumstance that he believed demonstrated a violation of law.  He was terminated shortly thereafter.  The sales that Sean Ryan had completed were given to one of his female colleagues.  She submitted the sales and received a commission.  After filing his lawsuit, Verizon recognized that it had indeed failed to pay Mr. Ryan all of his wages at time of termination.  The company sent him a check, but denied that he was owed any commission.  Sean Ryan took Verizon to court, and after several days of testimony the jury reached a verdict:  Verizon had to pay.

Despite being found liable by a jury after an extensive court trial, the Verizon / Idearc decided that it is sometimes easier to convince people through a threat than simply pay what is owed.

Verizon / Idearc chose to send the letter attached rather than pay an amount that the jury found it liable for.

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Verizon - Idearc walk away despite winning letter